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Photo of Charlene TravnikarA perfect blend of sales, technology, business, and creative - where else can you find this?

Much more than just a web designer or tech geek, Charlene Travnikar, is a results-oriented, business professional you can put on your team to deliver consistent results every time.

With over 12 years of direct SALES experience and 15 years of deep TECHNOLOGY experience, that included writing device drivers in 'C', BrightWay has a unique blend of skills not found in most marketing companies.

With the sales background, BrightWay knows how to craft the selling message and include the information people need to take action and contact you. With the technology expertise, BrightWay can write code, master the latest tools and techniques and fully leverage the Internet to drive a steady stream of prospective customers to your business. After that, It's your job to close 'em!

BrightWay is a Michigan company, in business since 2005, passionate about helping business owners grow their business and compete successfully on the Internet.

BrightWay's clients have generated $10,000s in revenue each year. You can too!

Why Choose BrightWay?

  • Business experience
  • Technology skills
  • Agency quality work
  • Good communicator - not all web people are
  • Easy to work with - ego checked at the door
  • Quota-carrying understanding of what it takes to drive sales
  • Consistent delivery
  • On-time as quoted