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A Process Honed from Over 100 Website Projects

BrightWay's reputation for delivering website projects on time and within budget is due in no small part to the website development process that has been continuously improved over the years. A process ensures:

  • the goals, specifications, and scope are clearly defined
  • that the client understands exactly what they will get for their investment
  • that we have the information and resources to deliver
  • that client objectives are planned for and executed successfully
  • and that no small detail is missed

Below is a summary of the step-by-step process you can expect if you elect to work with BrightWay.

  1. Initial meeting to discuss objectives and details needed to provide a proposal.
  2. Proposal signed and deposit accepted. Project start meeting is scheduled. A questionnare is emailed in advance of the meeting to prepare.
  3. At the project start meeting we review the questionnaire discussing objectives, pages, colors, sites you like, competitors, etc. This meeting takes approximately 1 hour, and provides the information necessary for BrightWay to develop a website that works for your business.
  4. Next step is to create the site map, which is how the website will be organized. For clients who elect to include SEO, keyword research is conducted and the site is structured around popular topics people search for.
  5. Page layouts are sketched. (aka "wireframes"). This defines the content that will be on the pages.
  6. Once the site map and layouts are complete, a design is created. Some clients opt for multiple design concepts for an additional charge.
  7. When the design is approved, the build commences. This may involve the installation and configuration of a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress.
  8. During development, pages are made available for viewing on a private server. Clients review the pages and make approvals or corrections during development. Change requests made early in development are not likely to result in added project costs.
  9. When the pages are complete and everything is approved and paid for, then the pages are published to the world wide web.
  10. If BrightWay is hosting the website, business email accounts are set up on the server.